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On 7 February 2016 the Fiji Islands were pounded by a tropical cyclone Winston with wind gusts of 325 km per hour and waves up to 12 meters. Entire villages and schools were destroyed and many families lost all their possessions.

Solomon Islands - In April 2014 Cyclone “Ita” lashed the Solomon Islands. Heavy rains from the storm caused flash flooding. The Matanikua River broke its banks and devastated communities. Thousands of homes along with Honiara’s two main bridges were washed away. Solomon Islands had not experienced this scale of destruction, 22 people were killed, about 9,000 were left homeless and 50,000 others were directly affected.

The Battle against COVID-19

$10 is all it takes to supply food and restore hope to some of the poorest families in the world that have lost their entire income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.