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Heavy monsoon rains in the past weeks have caused extensive damage in several countries across Asia with deaths through landslides, flooded homes, as well as crops and livelihoods destroyed.

Br Michael Lynch, Director of Salesian Missions, said he has received requests for urgent assistance for emergency relief in Cambodia, Myanmar, and India.

The two Don Bosco Schools in Samoa were established to provide young people with work-related skills. Their country experiences high levels of youth unemployment and many do not complete a formal education.

India is a country of many contrasts – in development, living standards, culture, religion and race. According to the World Bank, half of the population are poor and with more than 20 per cent living in extreme poverty.

Fiji - New Beginnings

The Islands of Fiji are seen by many as a beautiful holiday destination surrounded by pristine beaches, coral reefs, a layback atmosphere and welcoming locals. However, Fiji is also a nation experiencing many challenges. It has a youthful population with 44 per cent under the age of 25 of which a significant proportion of the young adults are unemployed and homeless.

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