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Director's Message

Dear Friend of Salesian Missions,

2020 has been an extraordinary year for all of us. Covid-19 is causing havoc in most countries.

While it has been a challenging and tough time for us in Australia, developing nations have far fewer resources and facilities for dealing with the pandemic.

You may have read there are currently more than a billion youth in 160 countries out of school right now which is a staggering statistic.

The effect of the crisis will be profound for youth living in the world’s poorest places. These children already struggled to access or afford education needed to build better futures.

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For children and families across the developing world, going to school is so much more than just an education. Going to school is also about:

  • Better nutrition through a guaranteed daily meal.
  • Social protection and support for orphaned, abandoned and abused children.
  • Age-appropriate social development fostered through interaction with peers.
  • Economic opportunities for parents while their children are in school.
  • Preparing for the future by learning vital social and job skills to become contributing members of society.
  • And many other challenges.

For vulnerable students around the world, going to school is vital to their health, well-being and ability to thrive.

I hope you can help us support our Partners who are working with and for victims of the coronavirus crisis.

Yours sincerely in St John Bosco

Br Michael Lynch

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