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India is a country of many contrasts – in development, living standards, culture, religion and race. According to the World Bank, half of the population are poor and with more than 20 per cent living in extreme poverty.

Throughout India Don Bosco’s Salesians are working with the local people to help assist them to overcome poverty – through schools and education programs teaching employment-related opportunities, agricultural projects, construction of houses, refuges for the rehabilitation of street children and other relief projects.

Last year in the aftermath of devastating floods in Kerala, donors via ASMOAF, contributed to the re-adjustment by restoring water and sanitation facilities, housing, rebuilding roads, livelihood restoration etc.

While there has been generous support for the work in the Bangalore and Mumbai Provinces, donors have also assisted the work in other parts of the country. In Guwahati, for example, there are still many tribal communities who have not been given educational opportunities or medical assistance.

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