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Timor-Leste Appeal

Timor-Leste Appeal

As we approach Easter, I acknowledge your help and pass on my heartfelt gratitude for the aid you have provided to our neighbour Timor Leste, which is economically, the poorest country in South East Asia.

The Salesian priests, brothers, sisters and co-workers are making significant contributions to the nation though their schools, orphanages and medical clinic. Their work is highly valued and appreciated by all who require those services.

Education is the key to helping individuals acquire skills for better living and allows them to actively participate in the development of their country. This is the tradition we have inherited from Don Bosco and there are a few stories printed on this leaflet that illustrate this perfectly.

Please continue to pray for the East Timorese as they have many challenges ahead and require every support that may be available.


Education is the key to success

Sonio Da Silva

As a student, I was very fortunate to attend the Don Bosco Technical School in Fatumaca, where I received a great education that has opened many doors for me. Currently, I am employed by the government of Timor-Leste to oversee the development of transportation, water, sanitation and education projects throughout our country. This has allowed me to provide for my family; I am a proud husband and am blessed with three lovely children.

The Don Bosco school provides a comprehensive education program, which blends technical skills, overall knowledge, study habits, moral attitudes and religious education, all of which are focused on fostering the development of youthful talent. The school also offers extra-curricular activities such as friendly sport competitions, that not only draws the students closer to each other but also creates ties with those in nearby villages. Life in Fatumaca is an environment that truly prepares young people for all aspects of life!

Upon reflection, I can truly say that it was my time at Don Bosco Fatumaca that first placed me on the path to achieve my best. It fills me with joy to witness the continued success of the school and its students.

A second chance at Don Bosco Orphanage, Lospalos

Denilson da Costa, 16, is one of the 100 boys residing at the Don Bosco Orphanage, Lospalos. In 2014 Denilson attended school in Dili (grade 4), lived with his mother, a sole parent, who did not have a job and was struggling financially. Not surprisingly, he had little interest in school and wanted to leave. Fr Rolando Fernandez, met Denilson and his mother and suggested he come to Don Bosco Lospalos to live and continue his studies.

Denilson is now in his second year of high school, achieving success and making a positive contribution to the Orphanage. He is keen on music, singing and sport, and is one of our best soccer players! Denilson is always cheerful, co-operative, continually willing to assist younger students and help with cleaning and working in the vegetable garden. I am pleased he is doing so well.

Fr Tomas Gusmão, Rector

Don Bosco Comoro

The Don Bosco Technical Trianing Centre in Comoro, Dili, offers a variety of courses in building trades. After their completion, Fr Jose Vattaparmbil actively helps the students secure a job in Dili, in order that they escape the high unemployment rate in the city. Equipping young people with the necessary tools to prosper throughout their life, serves as a reliable way to create work opportunities, so that they can provide for themselves and their families.

Fr Jose recently established the “Bosconian Builders”, a group of two girls and nine boys who have completed their level 3 general construction training. The group recently worked on the construction of a community meeting centre, which included two halls, a kitchen with walk-in pantry, offices and toilets. Their training shone through because of the high standard of work and the completion of this project 3 months earlier than expected. Other projects have included the construction of a female toilet and shower block at the school (funded by ASMOAF) and a water tank at the nearby Ahisaun Centre for the Disabled.

Medical Clinic Venilale

Providing education to young people was the focus of the Salesian Sisters when they arrived in Venilale. However, they soon discovered a greater need as many people in the district suffered from various illnesses. The sisters could not close their hearts to the sick so in 1995 a Medical Clinic was established.

The Medical Clinic serves the needs of the local poor in remote villages who know little about personal hygiene and are unable to access medical treatment in the larger towns. Patients come from the eight villages and local schools around Venilale, Fatumaca, and from distant locations including Viqueque, Baucau, Manatuto and Lospalos. Last year there were more than 9000 patient “consultations.”

Currently, dermatitis, scabies and other skin diseases are a major concern, often affecting all family members. After providing some medicated creams, the next step is education: to explain how skin diseases can be prevented through better hygiene practices. Other priorities are; assisting mothers with infant children who become ill due to malnutrition and helping those suffering from tuberculosis.

We thank God that most of our patients respond to treatment and return to good health. Our gratitude goes to those who, through ASMOAF, financially support our clinic.

Sr Yasintha Hoar,
Co-ordinator Salesian Sisters Medical Clinic, Venilale

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