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Timor-Leste Appeal

Dear Friend,
A couple of months ago I visited Timor Leste and spent some time in the Salesian schools, orphanages and parishes. Despite facing many challenges, the Timorese are always welcoming and optimistic.

Sadly, poverty is still rampant. Hunger is a daily fact of life. Most families rely on subsistence farming and rice cultivation as their primary source of food and income. Because of drastic weather pattern and other threats – such as pests and crop disease, the country suffers from the highest rates of malnutrition and stunted growth in Asia.

As education is one of the most important factors in determining whether a child can build a better future, school based feeding programs provided in Salesian schools are critical to the future success of the country and its children. When food is scarce at home and students come to school hungry, they are at an immediate disadvantage. At best they have trouble concentrating and learning; at worst, they may ‘drop out’ because they are not making good progress or their parents need them to help earn money to survive.

Schools and orphanages are the main focus of the Salesian works in Timor Leste and require continued maintenance and financial assistance with daily running costs. Please join us in providing the East Timorese with the support they need.

I wish you and your family every blessing as we prepare for Christmas and the New Year.

Yours sincerely in St John Bosco,

(Br) Michael Lynch SDB
December 8, 2019


Abroa Pereira writes

I grew up in a rural village near Laga, where my parents were subsistence farmers with very little money.

My home was located over three hours away, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to study and board at Don Bosco Agricultural School Fuiloro. There I enjoyed my studies, making new friends and participating in a range of activities. I recall the food consumed in the boarding house was grown in the school fields, where we worked after class. I have been fortunate to have won scholarships that enabled me to continue my education. I am now a technical assistant to the Director of Livestock and Veterinary Services in the Timor Leste Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

I am very grateful for opportunities that Don Bosco Fuiloro opened up for me, and the Salesians who encouraged and taught me many of the essential lifeskills of public speaking, decision-making and leadership which I use today.

Abroa Pereira

Timor-Leste Appeal

The Battle against HUNGER
is a Daily Fact...

Don Bosco Schools

The Don Bosco Schools, together with those run by the Salesian Sisters, are the largest network of non-government schools in Timor Leste. Over the past year there has been a decline in financial support from the Government. Funds transferred from ASMOAF have been used for school running costs, luncheon programs, payment of salaries as well urgent repairs and maintenance to ensure the facilities are safe for students.

Don Bosco Orphanage Lospalos

More than 100 boys, aged 6 -16, from unsettled backgrounds live at Don Bosco and attend local schools. It is a stable environment where they can do their homework, participate in games and sport. Developing survival skills are encouraged and these include working ‘after school’ in the vegetable garden and assisting with general maintenance around the residence.

Salesian Sisters’ Medical Clinic

The services provided at the Maria Auxiliardora Medical Clinic, Venilale are in great demand, with approximately 750 consultations a month. Babies and children are cared for, including patients that are treated for diseases; the demand for medicines and assistance is ongoing.

Salesian Sisters’ Orphanages

The Salesian Sisters have orphanages in Laga and Venilale, each of which accommodates about 100 girls. Government Authorities often ask the Sisters to provide emergency care and housing for girls in difficult situations. A constant challenge is to simply cover costs – made more difficult with the rising prices of food and other goods.

Consignments of emergency food relief have been sent to Timor Leste by Salesian Missions in partnership with the international agency Rise Against Hunger.

Roselia Soares Ximenes

Roselia Soares Ximenes writes

I was born in Ermera, Timor Leste in 1987. Sadly, my father was tragically killed in the massacre at the Santa Cruz cemetery on November 12,1989 when I was just two years old. I had an older sister (Rocinda) who was four, a younger sister (Gaudia) who was just one and brother still to be born.

In 2000, my uncle saw a way to assist my family and arranged for us three girls to live at the Salesian Sisters’ Orphanage in Laga during the school terms, where I completed my elementary education. I was then accepted into the ‘Sisters’ Mary Mazzarello High School Venilale.

After leaving school, I studied bookkeeping and office management. I am currently employed at East Timor Roofing Company in Baucau.

I thank God for the opportunities I have been given. I am especially grateful to the Salesian Sisters in Laga and Venilale for their care and kindness and from whom I learnt the value of hard work as well as the importance of being prepared and organised.

Roselia Soares Ximenes

The Battle against HUNGER
is a Daily Fact...

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The Battle against COVID-19

$10 is all that is needed to supply food for a family in that have lost all their income becouse of COVID-19.