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The pandemic has had an unfortunate fallout on the entire country with continual surges in the number of Covid-19 cases. Lockdowns have left many migrant workers, poor labourers and needy families with no income, access to food, supplies and medical care. Villages and slums lack good hospitals and health care facilities such as oxygen, ICU facilities, medicinal kits etc. to treat patients.

Salesian Schools have been converted into triage centres, to help cope with the overwhelming demand caused by COVID-19.

Salesians of Don Bosco are assisting where needed from the most remote villages to the slums and surrounding suburbs. Don Bosco Centres and Schools have opened their doors providing shelter, food, relief packages, medical care and financial assistance to those in need. A co-ordinated approach was established amongst Salesians and volunteers launching relief activities such as:

  • deliveries of food to the doorstep of Covid-19 patients at home in isolation,
  • hold numerous classes on the education of the pandemic and the importance of hygiene precautions of washing hands, sanitizing, and wearing masks,
  • establishing counselling services for patients and assist Don Bosco Psychology and Social Work students to initiate a mental health “help desk” to offer support,
  • converting schools into Covid Care Centres in areas where hospitals are overwhelmed.
  • train volunteers to assist nurses and doctors in the hospitals,
  • established Vaccination Centres to administer vaccines to thousands prioritising the elderly and vulnerable.
  • supply oxygen, medicines, PPE kits, masks, etc. to those in need,
  • provided fi nancial aid assistance for those who required ambulance services, hospitalization, ICU facilities and burials.

India has been one of the hardest hit nations in the world, and even small acts such as preparing food have live-saving effects!

Despite the impact of the pandemic, Salesians are assisting those whose houses have been affected by floods, endorse women and children’s support centres, deliver online classes where possible and provide “meals on wheels” to thousands in need.

We thank the ‘Justice Squad’ fromSt Gerard Majella Primary School , in Woree, Queensland, who through their commitment and passion for change, raised funds during the annual ‘Fast against Famine’ to assist Covid-19 victims in need, Well Done!

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Tina Newton
Salesian Missions Australia

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Please note that the Australian Salesian Missions Overseas Aid Fund (ASMOAF) is a registered fund owned and operated by the Salesian Society (Vic) Inc. It has Australian Taxation Office approval for tax deductibility for donations given for the relief of poverty in developing countries.

ASMOAF supports various Salesian projects in developing countries in accordance with the wishes of donors.

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