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Emergency Flood Appeal

Don Bosco Tech School in Sihanoukville, Cambodia - August 9, 2019

Monsoonal rains have lashed South East Asia and caused widespread damage and confusion. This photo was taken at the Don Bosco School in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, however the image is similar to thousands of scenes being played around the country, in neighboring Myanmar and even as far as India. (where countless amounts of people are still trying to get their lives back on track following the devastation of floods from last year).

Please, we desperately need whatever help you can give, to provide food, water, shelter, first aid and comfort, to those who now need it the most.

With a presence in most countries of the developing world, the Salesians are well placed to make responses that are quick, compassionate and generous to those in need during emergencies such as natural disasters.

Salesian Missions Australia purpose is to support the vocational teaching of underprivileged young women, men, boys and girls in developing countries, in order that they find employment and become self-sufficient contributing members of their nation.

Salesian works include schools (academic, technical, agricultural), school luncheon programs, orphanages, workshops for unemployed youth, emergency relief programs and accommodation for street children, running dispensaries, and providing assistance to the disadvantaged.

Staff and students put their bikes on the dinning room tables to escape the rising waters.

How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to provide relief support to the many who seek refuge and assistance from the Don Bosco Community’s and Schools in the Flood affected Region.

For further information please contact Mission Office Staff.

For further information, please contact the Salesian Missions Office 03 9377 6060 or Contact Us

Please note that the Australian Salesian Missions Overseas Aid Fund (ASMOAF) is a registered fund owned and operated by the Salesian Society (Vic) Inc. It has Australian Taxation Office approval for tax deductibility for donations given for the relief of poverty in developing countries.

ASMOAF supports various Salesian projects in developing countries in accordance with the wishes of donors.

Ready to Help?

$10 is all that is needed to supply lunch for a student in South Sudan for a week.