Our WorkGiving hope to millions of youth around the globe


Providing education through schools, youth centres and training programs to some of the poorest youth in the world.

Food & Clean Water

Enabling access to clean water for drinking, cooking and washing, so communities encounter fewer illnesses.


Agricultural Colleges assist locals to improve sustainable food production by enhancing traditional farming methods.

Emergency Relief

Salesians are well positioned to provide direct aid and relief in times of natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies.

Self Sustainability

Local food security goes a long way in combating poverty and helping youth build a better future for themselves and their families.

Vocational Training

Underprivileged youth are equipped with employable skills, giving them a sense of personal dignity and self-worth, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty.

SummerOur Current Projects

  • Syria Earthquake Relief Appeal

    February 2023
    A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Syria, causing devistating damage to a nation that has already seen so much hardship. The Salesians have lept into action to help relieve the suffering
    Providing Emergency Support
  • Ukraine- 23/01/2023 Update

    January 2023
    Salesians continue to do all they can for displaced peoples of Ukraine, providing the food, medicine, shelter and education they need to begin anew in foreign countries.
    Helping Salesians Save Lives
  • Food Shortages - Horn of Africa

    Escalating war increasingly perpetuates food shortages across the Horn of Africa, but the Salesians continue to do all they can to provide sustainable solutions.
    Sustaniable Food for the Future
  • Pacific Education Fund

    January 2022
    With 50% of Samoa’s population under the age of 20, and youth unemployment at almost 18%, Salesian schools are focused on teaching employable skills.
    Empowering through Education!

Working in Countries

Schools & Youth Centres

Orphanages & Shelters

Vocational Training Programs

Help is needed for education of disavantaged youth in the Pacific.


Salesian Missions for Ukraine

The Salesians are doing all they can to help with the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Christmas 2022

Salesian Mission News

Christmas 2022 News

The Christmas 2022 edition of Salesian Mission News provides updates on our ongoing projects and the current activities of our Salesian partners throughout the world.

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